Take it slow (2018)

The Callboys are back to give you new music, and this time with our first concept EP. Recording this record was anything but slow because unlike our prior albums, we recorded everything from percussion to Tenor II vocals in only one year. From Michael Bublé to Chance the Rapper, our arrangements have never featured a more diverse sound, which is why we wanted to tell a story through our music this time around. Stay tuned for our concept statement!


The Traditional (2016)

The Men of Last Call are proud to present our eighth studio album, The Traditional! With songs ranging from hip hop and electronic to rock and jazz, The Traditional represents the group’s aim to create diversity in its repertoire and to push the boundaries of a cappella music through innovative arrangements. While The Traditional is anything but “traditional,” it is our long-standing passion for singing and performing, combined with the bonds of friendship we share stretching back to the group’s founders, that have served as inspiration for the album. The Traditional features 12 of our favorite tracks, including two original songs, that represent the creative vision of this era of the group. Every song has been arranged by a Callboy and performed live at one of our concerts since 2014. We hope you enjoy listening to The Traditional as much as we enjoyed making it!



The Men of Last Call couldn’t be more excited to introduce our seventh studio album, Untapped! This album is extremely special to all of us and reflects the life long friendships we’ve created and the songs that helped shape them. Last Call is first and foremost a brotherhood. Through Untapped, we all have grown not only as individuals in Last Call, but have truly grown together as group.

Our tradition of friendship and love provides the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement we hope you hear bursting from each and every track. From Lady Gaga to John Legend, house music to an original ballad, this album runs the gamut of genres and reflects the beauty of the eclectic nature of our group. With Untapped, it’s our firm hope that you discover something untapped in yourself and find joy in the music we have so passionately made.


FLAIR (2010)

Last Call is thrilled to release our sixth album, Flair. While we certainly take our music seriously, we're also a quirky group of guys that likes to have a good time. We wanted Flair to genuinely represent who we are as artists and people, so we put our own personality into each track. Whether doing a slower take on Maroon 5's hit 'Won't Go Home Without You'tackling a funky Jamiroquai number, or rapping along with a Kanye West medley, Last Call puts flair into everything we do. We hope that our listeners and fans enjoy our music and that each listen adds a little extra flair to their lives!


Brewed In The Attic (2007)

Last Call' fifth album, Brewed in the Attic, delivers eleven tracks from nineteen different callboys. Recorded in various attics, bedrooms, and sewers, "Brewed" places an emphasis on simplicity and good singing. We had a blast recording this album, and feel that our latest studio project is entertaining, energetic and embodies our love for singing with each other. We're incredibly proud of the product, and hope you'll give it a spin!



Straight UP (2005)

Straight Up arrived on the scene in Spring 2005. All jokes aside, recording Straight Up was an experiment and an experience and was the first time that we enlisted the help of several acclaimed a cappella engineers.



Vestosterone (2003)

Released Spring 2003, Last Call's third studio effort, Vestosteronewill blow your mind!




Last Call's sophomore effort! Packed with hours of fun, excitement, and polyethylene-based packaging materials, Airborne Twinkie showcases the talents of twenty-six Callboys on eighteen tracks.




vested interest (1997)

The original item. Last Call's first CD, Vested Interest, came to the world in 1997 under the auspices of then-Musical Director Darin Jellison.




Take ME To CHURCH (2015)

The Men of Last Call are pleased to announce the release of Take Me To Church! With a dark, brooding arrangement by Pablo Garcia-Quesada and a haunting solo by Steve Markham, it’s a track you won’t want to miss! Album artwork credit and a huge thanks go to Kevin Schaich. 


Latch (2015)

The Men of Last Call are proud to release our take on the Disclosure and Sam Smith hit, Latch!



2014 Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA)
Nominated for Best Soul/R&B/Hip-Hop Song - Who Did That To You
Runner Up for Best Scholastic Original Song - Brake Lights

2014 Voices Only A Cappella
Who Did That To You

2011 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARA)
Nominated for Best Male Collegiate Album - Flair (2010)
Nominated for Best Song  – Where the Streets Have No Name
Nominated for Best Arrangement – Where the Streets Have No Name

2010 The Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB) 
Song of the Year Winner - Carry On (Where is the Love)

2010 Best Of Collegiate A Cappella (BOCA)
Lost Without You

2009 Voices Only A Cappella
(Don’t) Give Hate a Chance

2008 Voice Only A Cappella
A Change is Gonna Come

2007 acaTunes
Favorite Tracks of the Year - Bend and Break

2007 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARA)
Nominated for Best Male Collegiate Soloist - A Change is Gonna Come

2007 The Recorded A Cappella Review Board (RARB)
Honorable Mention from Best A Cappella Albums of 2007  - Brewed in the Attic (2007)

2006 Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARA)
2nd Place in Best Male Collegiate Arrangement - September

2006 Best of All Male A Cappella (BOCA)
The Scientist

2005 Collegiate A Cappella Music Organization (CAMO)
Hemorrhage (In My Hands)

2002 ICCAs (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella)
1st Place in Best All-Male A Cappella
2nd Place in Best Overall A Cappella