Last Call
Last Call
Award-Winning All-Male A Cappella from Cornell University



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Friendship and love...til the end!

The story of Last Call begins back in 1993, when four Cornellians decided they wanted to add their own unique flavor to the music scene at Cornell. They set out upon their mission with one goal: to form a singing group that would do more than simply sing on stage. This a cappella group would sing, dance, perform skits, and make every performance, no matter how small, feel like a full-blown concert.

Hundreds of concerts, dozens of pitch pipes, and one shot of Tide detergent later, Last Call is still doing just that. We perform for fraternities, sororities, weddings, non-profits, businesses, birthday parties, and have even performed live on NBC’s The Today Show. Though we dance and crack jokes, Last Call takes its music very seriously, and we have received a number of awards within the a cappella community and continue to strive for musical excellence.

In the end, Last Call is about experiencing music; experiencing it while cheering alongside your friends at one of our concerts, experiencing it while sitting at home alone vibing to our newest single Same Drugs on Spotify, or — if you’ve got the right pipes — experiencing it while performing on stage with us. With this in mind, we hope to see you at any of our upcoming gigs and encourage you to explore the rest of the site.

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Like to sing, dance, laugh and have a good time? Look no further.

Auditioning is simple and fun. For the first round of auditions, you’ll be asked to sing a short solo (approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute) of a popular song. If possible, choose a song that showcases your vocal range. Also, feel free to show off any talents (beatboxing? rapping? dancing?) that we might not notice right away. We’ll also take you through some simple vocal exercises to get a feel for your range. The process is quick and painless and it’ll be over before you know it, so don’t be afraid to stop by!

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