Like to sing, dance, laugh and have a good time? Look no further.

Auditioning is simple and fun. For the first round of auditions, you’ll be asked to sing a short solo (approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute) of a popular song. If possible, choose a song that showcases your vocal range. Also, feel free to show off any talents (beatboxing? rapping? dancing?) that we might not notice right away. We’ll also take you through some simple vocal exercises to get a feel for your range. The process is quick and painless and it’ll be over before you know it, so don’t be afraid to stop by!

Fall 2019 Audition Times

Sunday, September 1 from 6-9pm @ Lincoln Hall 149
Monday, September 2 from 7-10pm @ RPCC 222
Tuesday, September 3 from 7-10pm @ RPCC 220
Thursday, September 5 from 8-11pm @ Lincoln Hall B08

Audition FAQs

Auditions make me really nervous. Help!

Relax! We can all sympathize with the feeling of auditioning because… we’ve all auditioned too. As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, just try to be yourself.

I want to audition for two a cappella groups on campus, but they both have auditions at the same time! Can I audition for both, or do I have to choose one?

You can audition for as many different a cappella groups as you’d like! After all, just because you audition for a group does not mean you’re obligated to join that group if you’re accepted. Just be sure to inform us and the other groups that you are trying out for several groups. We all want you to have the best shot at the most groups, so we will make sure you get just that! *Two Hand High Five!*

What song should I use to audition?

Your audition song should definitely be in your vocal range. If you sing with a high tenor voice, don’t audition with a low song. If you aren’t sure if your song sounds good, sing it to a friend and have them critique you. We recommend choosing a popular, modern solo because that’s what audiences tend to like to hear, and that’s what we do best. However, if there’s a song you can croon on like no other, bring it in! We want to hear what you have to offer, and any strengths you can present. Did I just say croon?

A cappella is fun!!!

Very true, but that’s not a question.

Why Last Call?

If you ask anyone in Last Call, past or present, they'll all tell you the same thing: the friends in Last Call are some of the best you'll have at Cornell, and the bonds that develop within the group are for life. We represent nearly all of Cornell's 7 schools, and come from many different backgrounds, but we're brought together by music. Whether it's singing at a Last Call alum's wedding, traveling around the country on our annual Fall Tour, or just going on late-night coffee runs, Last Call has shaped all of our Cornell experiences for the better and made us a family.

Not convinced yet? Don't worry, we managed to think of even more reasons below.

  • Last Call is one of two all-male groups on campus, but we're the only all-male group with a completely open audition process. Anyone can audition for Last Call. Being a member of the Glee Club is not a requirement, nor is having any musical background. If you can sing, dance, beatbox, arrange, compose, play an instrument, write comedy, or do anything cool, we want to see you audition. If your talent and passion shine through, we'll make sure there's a spot in our group for you.

  • Last Call is a part of ACAC, the A Cappella Advisory Council, which means we're fully integrated with the rest of Cornell's vibrant a cappella community. As a member of Last Call, you'll be able to make friends not only with the other Callboys, but with other groups all over campus, whether it's attending each other's shows on Saturday nights, or just grabbing lunch during the week.

  • Last Call has created a niche for itself among Cornell a cappella groups with our dynamic performances and concerts. We're the only group on campus that includes a full comedy script with our end-of-semester concert, and our all of our performances feature choreography (don't worry if you can't dance, you'll be fine) and new arrangements. It pays off by getting the opportunity to perform all over Cornell's campus and in the Ithaca area, and by selling out a 700+ seat auditorium for our concert every semester. Collegiate a cappella definitely has a loyal following here on the hill.

  • Last Call has carved out a distinct musical style for ourselves. All of our arrangements come from members in the group, and push the boundaries of a cappella across all genres of music, as well as with original songs. We'll sing anything, whether it's funk to old-school jazz to R&B

You too can laugh at our inside jokes, partake in Winter Slope Day, and understand the meaning of FnL. FnL, and see you at auditions!